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        Classroom Environment                  Controlled Environment

        E- Learning v/s Outdoor Classroom
Pool Instruction
Aquatic Alternative Online or In Person Training
Aquatic Alternative Pool Instruction
With the advancement of technology, E-Learning is an option for you to complete your academic coursework in the comforts of your own home on your personal computer prior to the practical application. 
If you don't feel comfortable learning in that type of an environment, the Aquatic Alternative will provide a classroom for you. Whether its indoors or outdoors, we provide professional instruction that makes learning fun and easy to understand 

Learning SCUBA in a controlled environment is often the first step in your certification, but controlled environments are not always limited to pools, as this can be a Florida spring, river, or even a lake.  We at the Aquatic Alternative love to teach and we are willing to bring the classroom to you. We will even travel to your home for a personal touch to assist you with the academic portion in an environment familiar to you. 

      Freshwater Environment                    Saltwater Environment

                      Florida Springs
                         Inlets / Ocean
Aquatic Alternative Freshwater Springs Dives
Aquatic Alternative Ocean Dives
We at the Aquatic Alternative want to offer divers an unsurpassed opportunity to dive and experience various conditions and dive sites. This not only gives the student exposure, but it makes for an incredible learning environment.  We use the Florida springs because they are majestic, enchanting and one of the most beautiful enviornments that you can dive.   

The salt water envrionment is often a favorite among the recreational dive community for obvious reasons.  Abundant marine life, mystery, excitement and the overall natural experience.  We often use this as a "Check Out Dive" to complete your certification. Although, there are other option if you are feeling a little apprehensive.  

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