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​​Safe, Experienced, Professional Scuba Diving Instruction​​,  Training,  and Certification​​

 Aquatic Alternative Instructor

"I established the Aquatic Alternative  in 1989  with a vision to be more than just a certifying agency. I wanted to focus on marine education to assist in the protection of our natural world. That's when I  began asking mysielf "What better way to submerse a student into one of the largest recreational industries where I have the opportunity to teach environmental responsibility".  

This process provided me with the ability to properly introduce new divers into recreational diving while keeping our planet beautiful and healthy.  It also allowed me to do what I love and that is TEACH!

When you take a course from the Aquatic Alternative.  I want to present you with more than just a C-Card (Certification). I want you to take away an experience that "hopefully" turns into a lifelong recreation you can experience with your friends and family. 

When we start on day one, I will begin to evaluate your conditioning, your water orientation, your kick, and your overall comfort on top as well as under the water.  Although this sounds a bit demanding, I can assure you that it is a lot of fun and prepares you for real life experiences when diving. Nothing worth having ever comes easy and you will have to put forth some effort in order to obtain your certification.

I want to make sure that when you enter the water and you begin your dive any problems that you encounter are properly dealt with in a calm and thoughtful process without panic. 

 Don Bouer​​
  NAUI Dive Instructor

"Teaching Scuba is a passion for me,  and I like to create a learning environment that's not only fun, but safe and effective....." 

Don Bouer Naui Instructor

National Association of Underwater Instructors
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