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​​Your Underwater World is Waiting

​​Call Us Today

​​Safe, Experienced, Professional Scuba Diving Instruction​​,  Training,  and Certification​​

Aquatic Alternative
is the Daytona Beach Florida area's Most Experienced
NAUI Certified Scuba Instructor
​ National Association of Underwater Instructors Member
​ While on your Vacation in the Daytona Area, or if you live in Florida and want to experience the thrill of being underwater.  We are here to take the fear out of it for you.

Did you ever imagine what it’s like to slip below the surface and continue breathing while you float weightlessly underwater?  Call Me for a relaxed experience.

​It's a great way to have fun and determine if Scuba is right for you.   
This program is a non-certification program that will introduce non-divers to scuba diving while monitored under closely controlled conditions.    

When you are ready, we will help you gain full
Naui Certifications in the following Scuba Courses

Aquatic Alternative Open Water Certification
Aquatic Alternative Advanced Open Water Certification

Open Water Certification

Advanced Open Water

Enriched Air Diving

Aquatic Alternative Specialty Certifications

Rescue Diver

Master Diver

Cave Diving Courses

National Association of Underwater Instructors
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